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           We are a national distributor supplier of specialty chemical products as a proud representative of Hefei XWC Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd  a professional company which mainly produces defoaming agent. The enterprise was founded in 1998, through years of efforts, we have become one of the main Silicone and Non-Silicone Foam Control Agents manufacturers in China, and, based on different kinds of industrial processes, our company develops and produces over 100 varieties of anti-foam agents. Company is developed with new technologies, new standards, new thinking, new ideas and constantly tap the market, looking for talent and development opportunities, has covered the defoamer products including textiles, pharmaceuticals, paper, paint, oil, cleaning, food, fertilizer, many other industries of cement, building materials, machinery processing, and gradually build out in a variety of industry sectors covered by the star products to meet customers’ different demands. Currently, the company has developed hundreds of mature defoamers products, product quality to meet international standards, are widely used in various industrial and civil fields. Companies get unstoppable momentum rapid development with “hard work ahead, beyond innovation, customer first” business philosophy. Currently, the group owns a number of subsidiaries: Guangzhou Wancheng environmental technology Co., Ltd. based in Guangzhou, radiation, South, Southwest, Northwest; Hefei XWC Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. integrates the rich resources of the east, north, central and northeastern regions, and the formation of most domestic level, most product development capabilities defoamers Research Center; Shanghai Ziyi Chemical Co., Ltd. is responsible for the Group’s Italian Zi international trade integration services; simultaneously, develops distributors in Beijing, Guangdong, Shandong, Sichuan, Tianjin, Jiangsu marketing network and sales network covering the whole country and exported to North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other foreign markets. website:

1.Oil drilling / cementing defoamers Application Recommend Model Product Features Oilfield drilling mud, drilling fluid,modified resin, cement admixtures, cement slurry, sewage treatment XWC-2525A/2510/6911 XWC-120/230/235 Silicone defoamers series: quick defoaming and good resistance to acid and alkali Oilfield cementing mortar, mining flotation, oil drilling cement, waste biological treatment of water, drilling chemicals XWC-2620/2619XWC-300/600 Good water solubility, good suppression foam ,less consumption,specially for little bubbles, no side effects.

2.Oil exploitation Application Recommend Model Product Features Drainage& gas production process XWC-2525A/1066/9177 Defoaming fast,wide application.

3.Oil and gas transmission Application Recommend Model Product Features Oil and gas separation, oil and water separation, delayed coking, oil refining, pipeline transportation, etc. XWC-2937/2911; XWC-2525A Defoaming fast, good suppression foam, no side effects,can be used after dilution.

4.Oil refining processing Application Recommend Model Product Features Asphalt production, vacuum distillation, delayed coking, dry cleaning solvents, extraction, etc. XWC-1800/1700/2937 Defoaming fast, good foam suppression, economic, low consumption Waste oil processing, clay defoamers, white oil defoamer XWC-1856/1800 Defoaming fast, good foam suppression, economic, low consumption

5.Natural gas processing.

Application Recommend Model Product Features Liquefied natural gas production, amine treatment XWC-K7133/2525A/6310 Defoaming fast, good foam suppression, economic, low consumption Gas exploration XWC-9915 Defoaming fast, good foam suppression, economic, low consumption.

6. Oil additives Application Recommend Model Product Features Oil lubricants, oil field chemicals XWC-0081 Defoaming fast,good foam suppression,no floating Oil additives, oil field chemicals, oil solid fluid loss, oil resins, oil additives, oil drilling XWC-990 XWC-120/230/235 Defoaming fast,good foam suppression.

7.Oilfield wastewater treatment Application Recommend Model Product Features Sewage Treatment XWC-2525A/2504 Defoaming fast,good foam suppression, and economic.

OFFICIAL QUOTATION Model Description Unit Price FOB ShanghaiUSD$/ton Comments: (Free Samples upon request and specifications designed to suite)

2510 Orgnosilicone defoamer US$1,689.00

6388 Orgnosilicone defoamer US$3,328.00

1066 Orgnosilicone defoamer US$2,508.00

2620 Good water solubity US$2,672.00

2619 Good water solubity US$3,000.00

300 General purposes type US$4,475.00

600 General purposes type US$4,803.00

2410 Multi applications US$1,361.00

9177 Multi applications US$2,016.00

2937 can be used after dilution US$4,967.00

2911 can be used after dilution US$4,311.00

K73 can be used after dilution US$6,279.00

2430 Economic type US$2,508.00

1800 Economic type US$6,607.00

1700 Economic type US$4,967.00

K7133 Low usage US$3,328.00

9300 Low usage US$3,000.00

120 Defoamer powder US$2,180.00

230 Defoamer powder US$2,016.00

235 Defoamer powder US$2,508.00

Lead-time: 5-20 working days after payment confirmation

Payment terms: 30% deposit in advance,70% balance payment before delivery

Delivery Terms: FOB shanghai Destination: USA

MOQ: ≥1 20' Container Comments: The price is based on the qty of 1 20" FCL

Validity: The quotation is valid before Dec.31st,2014

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