Our Vision

We have an extensive growth plan to emerge as one of the most diversified holding companies in America. As a small cap company we are limited by size to reach international heights.

Smart Ventures, Inc. is an independent energy company engaged in engineering extended reach drilling services, EPC, development, production, and exploration of oil, gas and mining minerals internationally. We have diversified our products offerings into the specialty chemicals market, armored vehicles and the legalized Cannabis market. 

We plan to become one of the most profitable, revenue generating companies in 2015 and emerge from the ashes as a true Phoenix bird to be celebrated by our stakeholders. We are focused more than ever and have become very aggressive in our pursuit for cannabis and hemp investment opportunities to add to our portfolio. We are seeing more deal flow and have developed a diversified strategy for investment acquisition. We are actively reaching out to more of the investment community to help us reach our goals.

As we invest in communities, we pursue long term projects with strategic goals  that are aligned with Global and social priorities as well as our business strengths. We seek to have a more meaningful impact by focusing the majority of our spending on significant challenges in the regions where we operate.